People consider dropouts as a failure and we want to change that perception of people with DropOut PVT. LTD says Rajeev Laxman

Raghu Ram and Rajeev Laxman, founder of Monozygotic and creator of reality shows like MTV Roadies and MTV Spiltsvilla, launched India’s first entrepreneurial reality show ‘DropOut PVT.LTD’ in association with MTV India on Tuesday in Mumbai. During interaction media interaction, Rajeev Laxman stated people consider dropouts as a failure but with our show we want change people perception about them.
Talking about idea behind the show, Rajeev said, “Dropout is such word which has stigma attached to it. People consider dropouts youngsters as a failure. Our education system is so strong that people see dropouts from very different point of view and through this show, we want to change perception of people”.
This show revolves around the idea of entrepreneurship and it will have gutsy young minds keen on achieving their dreams.
Raghu Ram added, “Me and Rajeev always believed in Indian youth and we like to search such people who can change the world. We always work like to do things which are against the flow or mainstream category. We always talk and admire underdogs, for whom I suppose, system is not working. In MTV Roadies, we searched girls and boys who never used to feel discouraged by any situations so in this show also we have tried to bring such kind of contestants”.
Talking about format of the show, Raghu said, “In this show, we will show some unusual and unknown things to create a startup or to become an entrepreneur. We are selecting contestants on entrepreneurial qualities. In our school and colleges, they don’t teach important traits such as taking risks, never giving up, thinking out of the box, hard work, somehow managing things in critical situations but an entrepreneur knows importance of these qualities”.
Talking about format of the show, Raghu said, “There are two parts, first part is audition which is just like Roadies auditions. In auditions, we have big entrepreneur like Alok Kejriwal, Sandeep Agrawal and Anisha Singh along with us who will judge the contestants on entrepreneur qualities and after selecting them, we will give opportunity to them to work under different companies and situations and through elimination process winner will be announced who will have his/her own company”.
Raghu Ram and Rajjev Laxman are mostly popular for bullying contestants to test their abilities in audition round, so when asked about that experience, Raghu said, “We will treat the contestants in their own manner. There were many contestants who basically are an actor’s thought that it is some kind of film audition and they behaved like that so there, they will see ugly side of us because of them our and our teams time gets wasted unnecessarily but earlier we haven’t had such kind of conversation with the contestants. People will see both contestant bullying and honest interaction in the show”.
DropOut PVT. LTD will go on air from 29th July, every Saturady, 7 pm. On MTV channel.

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