OMG ! Priyanka Chopra in hot Bikini Avatar in #Quantico2

Priyanka Chopra’s Quantico Season 2 is back with a blast! The head of Quantico’s Season 2 has gotten everyone all amped up for the new season. In the new season, Alex Parrish will be seen working with the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and will likewise be in a turmoil as a result of her association with Ryan. He proposes to her yet she turns him down for the minute to complete the task with CIA. Also, these two are the covert specialists for FBI. The main scene saw the Bajirao Mastani star in another symbol and with new on-screen characters on the appear. The scene finished with a stunning turn when the fear based oppressor executes the principal woman.
Priyanka looked super hot in the primary scene and is going to look more sweltering in the up and coming scenes. The actress appears as though she is having an extremely extraordinary discussion with her co-star in the appear and after that strips alongside her in the appear. Yes, these are stills from the up and coming scenes. It would appear that they are experiencing one of those security checks where you need to strip. In the event that you take a gander at the last picture, it legitimizes our forecast since there are two men who have stripped to their briefs and are simply remaining there with hands in the face of their good faith. Captivating, would it say it isn’t? We ponder what the diva has in store for us in the following scene of Quantico Season 2.

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