Nora Fatehi to woo her fans by now singing and performing on the arabic version of ‘Dilbar’

The performer turned actress even sang in the Arabic version of the song alongside Fnaire
Nora Fatehi took the country by storm with her amazing dance moves in the remixed version of ‘Dilbar’. Not only the song gave her immense reorganization, but it also became the party anthem of the year. Hailing from Morocco, Nora has a wide popularity in north africa and middle east and given her ferocious fandom here, it is no surprise that the makers decided to have an Arabic version of the item number. Adding the cherry to the cake, Nora will also be singing in the song apart from dancing to the tunes of it. Now this brings in a double happiness for her fans.
The music has been recomposed by Mohcine Tizaf and sang by Nora Fatehi marking her debut as a pop star in North Africa and the Middle East. The music video has been conceptualised and produced by Nora herself.
Giving a Moroccan spin to the recently released Dilbar with Bollywood Inidan visuals for the music video, it comprises of some unique looks! Here’s a glimpse..

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