Kavya Keeran’s Social Media Profile Is Hacked, Urges Her Fans To Be Careful

Kavya Kiran is turning into a favourite target for hackers, urged her fans to be careful.
Kavya Keeran’s Social Media Profile Is Hacked, Urges Her Fans To Be Careful

Actor and popular social media personality Kavya Keeran talks about her ordeal of becoming an unfortunate target of a financial scam and now her social media profile is hacked. Kavya feels she is turning into a favorite target for hackers, urged her fans to be careful. Due to lockdown, there is an unprecedented rise in digital frauds. Recently actress Ameesha Patel’s account was hacked, and now Ram Ratan famed actress Kavya’s Instagram is hacked.

Talking about her ordeal, Kavya said, “I think I am turning into hacker’s favorite target. Last year, I lost money from my account and this time around, my Instagram has been hacked. I know, social media account hacking is common this day, but it’s unfortunate as we work really hard to build our social base” Further adding Kavya said that her troubles were complied when hackers demanded money to release her profile. She said, “My troubles didn’t stop there, now I keep getting messages from hacker, that if I want my account back, I need to pay, can you believe the nerve of these guys? I lost my account, now I need to pay to get it back. It took me four years to build it properly. I have filed a complaint and alerted the authorities regarding the same; hopefully, I will get my account back”

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Kavya also said that hacking is never random, these fraudulent miscreants stalk their target. She said, “I kept getting emails from different social media platform’s team about updating my profile, brands asking me to confirm my email address, I even got DM’s, which looked real and I just clicked on one of those links, and lost my account” 

“I want to make people aware, hacking is never random, they follow you, target you specifically, follow your posts and track your movement and then they spin their web to trick you. Please be careful everyone, never ever click on any random links, do not share your personal details or confirm email address. Be alert and be careful, because these hackers apply different trick and scams with different people’ added diva.
Sharing a message for her fans, 3G series actress said, “This is special message for my fans; do not entertain any messages coming from my account. It has been brought to my notice that the hacker is asking my fans for money; please do not give any money to anyone. I will get my account back and interact with my fans, soon. Until stay alert, stay safe and God bless you” 

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Kavya has more than 100 print Ads and popular music videos along with multi-language presence to her credit. She has last seen the “Nasha Menu Chad Gaya” song in “One Day – Justice Delivered” for T-Series. Check the video to know the story behind this fraud