Jannat Zubair Shares Her Reasons For Not Participating In Bigg Boss 15

Jannat Zubair Shares Her Reasons For Not Participating In Bigg Boss 15
Actor and social media influencer Jannat Zubair confirms that she was lined-up to participate in Bigg Boss 15 but didn’t participate as she was scared. Jannat Zubair was interacting with NewsHelpline on the sidelines of Bigg Boss 15’s new-year special episode. 

When asked if she has plans to participate in the reality show hosted by Salman Khan, actor Jannat said, “I was planning to participate in Bigg Boss 15, but I haven’t really lived alone or away from my family, so, I got a little scared and I didn’t participate” With finale of Bigg Boss around the corner, Jannat plans to support Rakhi Sawant. She added, “Rakhi Sawant is my personal favorite, I like her a lot. She is amazing, entertaining and she is always having fun and whatever she does, whether it is a task, song, dance, or anything, she does it well. Personally, I am supporting her, I love her” 
Jannat Zubair was visiting the show to promote her new hit single Wallah Wallah, also starring Siddharth Nigam. Talking about the song, Jannat added, “We are here to promote our song Wallah Wallah at Bigg Boss House, our song is getting a great response and I would like to thank everyone for appreciating the song. Thank you everyone for being so loving and supportive” 
Sharing her experience of working with Siddharth, she added, “We are best of friends, so working with Siddharth is nothing like work, it is more of fun time. Our song, Walla Walla, it is fun song as it is, so the entire experience of working on the song was fun” 
Wallah Wallah song features Siddharth and Jannat Zubair. The song is crooned by Ishaan Khan and presented by BLive Music, Sanjay Kukreja and Remo D'souza.