Ikkat Trailer Is Out – A Comic Caper Based On Lockdown

The film premieres on 21st July 2021
Ikkat Trailer Is Out – A Comic Caper Based On Lockdown

A couple on the verge of divorce is forced to together due to lockdown, sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Well that the story of Ikkat and its first official trailer is out. Ikkat is India's first-ever COVID-19 pandemic set comedy and going by the film's trailer it actually has some relatable funny moments for the viewers which they might like. Helmed by Esham Khan and Haseen Khan, the film stars Nagabhushana, Bhoomi Shetty, Sundar, RJ Vikki, Anand Ninasam and Naveen Chethana.

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The comedy drama is set in the backdrop of lockdown where an unhappy couple is all set to divorce. However, due to lockdown, they are left with no choice but to spend time with each other.' Ikkat' is truly a unique film. As it is based on the lockdown, there is a sense of relatability that is associated with it. It is a hilarious story that will be a great watch for viewers across the globe who will enjoy the situational comedy setting of the film.
The film premieres on 21st July 2021.

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