Faisal Shaikh Aka Faisu Detained By Mumbai Police

Faisal Shaikh Aka Faisu Detained By Mumbai Police

Social media influencer Faisal Shaikh aka Faisu lands in legal soup gets arrested for rash driving and crashing the gate of society. The social media influencer Faisu has been detained by the Mumbai Police for his rash driving. Shaikh rammed his car into the society’s gate. The incident happened after he lost control over his vehicle. Faisal owns a BMW.

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Mr Faisu

Faisu was speeding his BMW and lost control of the car, he rammed his car into a society’s gate in Oshiwara area last night. With some intervention from residents, Mumbai Police was called and they later detained the social media influencer.
Faisu has 24.3 million followers on Instagram, though the celebrity so far has not made any official statement.
Mr Faisu is a well-known fashion blogger who rose to fame initially through TikTok but is now a full-time YouTuber, fashion blogger, and model. So far, he has amassed millions of fans across all social media platforms.

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