Neena Gupta’s ‘The Last Color’ is eligible for Best Picture at the Oscars

Neena Gupta’s ‘The Last Color’ is eligible for Best Picture at the Oscars

Neena Gupta starrer ‘The Last Color’, coordinated by cook turned movie producer Vikas Khanna, has been named in the rundown of highlight films qualified for the 2019 Academy Awards in the Best Picture classification. While Vikas considered it a ‘wonder of conviction’, Neena couldn’t be more joyful and shared her sentiments via web-based networking media.

Vikas shared the news on Twitter by sharing a screen capture of the Oscars list. He expressed, “I don’t have the foggiest idea what occurs after this minute. Be that as it may, this minute is everything. To be on this rundown of BEST FEATURE FILMS 2019.” He wrote in his other tweet, “To live for this minute. Completely yesssss. @Neenagupta001” and included, “My heart is moving. Much obliged to you Neena ji for having faith in my unassuming story.”

Communicating his energy, Vikas tweeted, “I need at some point to assimilate this. Holyyyyy Godddd. @Neenagupta001 thank you for having confidence in me. Love and regard you very muchhhh. @Jitendra_siffcy @KaulPoonam @jayisready.”

Responding to Vikas’ post, a cheerful Neena composed on Twitter, “Cannot accept am soooo glad.”

The Last Color, including Neena Gupta as a widow, manages unthinkable encompassing widows in India, predominantly Vrindavan and Varanasi. The tale of the film rotates around a 9-year old tightrope walker who becomes a close acquaintence with one such a widow and vows to add shading to her life. It is adjusted from Khanna’s own book of a similar name.

The film has just won a few honors and has been screened at different film celebrations. It likewise stars Aqsa Siddiqui, Rajeswar Khanna and Aslam Sheik in noticeable jobs.