Bachche Kachche Sachche a true mirror of uncivilized educated folks with the USP of Anna Hazare’s cameo


Bachche Kachche Sachche, the recent movie based on children has become a must watch if your child is in the learning stage. The movie which revolves around an orphan from a small town, brought up by the railway gateman who saved his life, sparks a revolution when he asks simple questions about the value of education imparted in schools across the country and whether we all follow that or not.

The movie serves the social message on how the so called educated and civilized adults should behave. Mere fake portrays in the name of sophistication is not what that satisfies the curious children. They seek the justification of the lessons that they are taught in schools and expect the same from their tutors of moral ethics.

It’s a story about how Ganesh (Aryan Kataria), an orphan who is rescued from an accident and raised by railway gateman Guru Tripati (Ashish Vidyardhi). He feels a bit left out after visiting the school in a big city. Fed up with the duplicity and double standards that he observes among city slickers towards civic manners, he tells his bullying classmates to spend a day with their own parents at home and find out just how uncivilized their educated folks actually are. It later leads to a mass protest by the tiny folks of school children. Moreover, the cameo of Anna Hazare, the man who is best known for his ethical values, is what that adds more weightage to the movie.

The honest intentions behind the movie with the social message are quite visible. The movie Bachche Kachche Sachche is widely praised by the kids and is given immense support and love. The tiny folks seem quite satisfied and answered to the innocent questions that dwell in their hearts. The movie is solely a product for children that will definitely inject some real life decent living morals in the future of the nation i.e. the young mortals