Mamta Verma says Channa Mereya has everything that will appeal to the viewers Its a different show altogether not just about a boy meeting a girl

Mamta Verma says Channa Mereya has everything that will appeal to the viewers: It’s a different show altogether, not just about a boy meeting a girl

Mamta Verma plays the role of Lovepreet Singh in Yash Patnaik and Mamta Patnaik's ongoing show Channa Mereya. The actor shares that the title of the show reminds everyone of the people we love and care for. So, the first feeling she had when she heard the title is love. The actor could therefore relate with the show's “positive vibes” and found the concept catchy and interesting.“Shailja, my character, has her priorities set. She only thinks about herself and her kids more than others. She is a bit selfish. In the family there is always a type of person who thinks they didn’t get enough, have been deprived and cheated by their own family, she is one such person. And, because of all these, Shailja has become negative. I don’t relate to her much. I personally believe in spreading love, calmness and happiness. This character is different from who I am,” she says.hanna Mereya has already become the talk of the town. And the reason, according to Mamta, is its story, title, performances and presentation.“It’s a very different show and not just about a boy meeting a girl. There is a lot of philosophy, every character has its own back story, are both positive and negative, and has layers to it. They also have their individuality, which will slowly get revealed. The direction, presentation, dialogues and look of the show and the characters are interesting as well,” she sharesMamta then talks about the big ensemble star cast of the show and her experience of working with them. “Casting and performance can make or break a concept. And Channa Mereya has got it right. There are many known actors in the show. I am enjoying being a part of this journey. Every day is exciting and happy on the set. Whenever we do any scene together everyone works with the same intensity, gives their 100 percent,” she smiles.

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She praises the Patnaiks and Beyond Dreams. She says, “The production house is really good. I have been associated with them for a long time. It has been a fulfilling experience so far. They make wonderful projects and both are wonderful producers,” she adds. Speaking on the changes she has been a witness to in the entertainment industry over the years, Mamta adds, “The quality of work and story is becoming better. There have been a lot of experiments that’s happening when it comes to the concept. Everyone is working really hard on the looks of the show too. I think it’s a good time to be in this profession as there are a lot of opportunities and different kinds of work happening. Audiences have also matured and open to new things. Channel and producers are also experimenting. Our director and DOPs are great to work with.”Daily soaps will always have an audience, no matter what. Agreeing, she says, “Daily soaps are a part of many households. TV is present in every household. The entire family sits and enjoys the show together. There is a lot of detail in the stories these days. People are really working hard to make a good show, offer the viewers something new, different. Popularity of web shows and films is fine, but I don’t think that means the end of TV. Rather, I feel, television will co-exist with them.”