Here's why the police reached the sets of Vineet Kumar Singh’s Rangbaaz 3

Here's why the police reached the sets of Vineet Kumar Singh’s Rangbaaz 3

Vineet Kumar Singh is truly proving to be one of the most versatile talents in the entertainment industry. The actor has played many-layered and nuanced characters through the course of his career; and now takes on the role of 'Haroon Shah Ali Baig' aka Rangbaaz 3's Saheb, in the series filled with drama, politics, corruption, crime, and power games.

Rangbaaz 3 which was being filmed in Uttar Pradesh, had several interesting incidents that took place on set when the local police intervened and turned up to the shoot -

Narrating the incident, lead Vineet Kumar says, "The UP elections were just around the corner and we were filming a scene which had artificial cash lying around. The police were tipped off about a rumor that cash was being distributed for votes on set and a huge team reached out to investigate the situation. We had to explain the scene and even brought to their notice that it had 500 rupee notes that were discontinued post demonetization."

Funnily enough, a shooting scene was filmed which was mistaken as real gunshots - Adds Vineet Kumar, "We were filming in the night somewhere around the outskirts and the scene had shots being fired which were misunderstood for actual gunshots. They received a tip again and turned up on set."

Stepping into the role of Haroon Shah Ali Baig (also known as Saheb), the series charts his rise from a small town in Bihar to becoming one of the most powerful and influential men. 
The actor brings both power and stature to this character with shades of grey and has audiences excited with this new grimacing avatar.