Did Vivek Agnihotri take a dig at John Abraham and Bipasha Basu during the filming of Goal?

TKF Director recounts being surrounded by unprofessional, selfish people during the shoot.

 Did Vivek Agnihotri take a dig at John Abraham and Bipasha Basu during the filming of Goal?

Mumbai: The interviews of Vivek Agnihotri along with his wife Pallavi Joshi at different media outlets post the release of The Kashmir Files has magnified in the past few weeks, just as its humongous box office numbers. Vivek Agnihotri in his latest interview with noted film journalist Bharti S Pradhan for digital platform Lehren TV talked at length about the dynamics of the film industry. But, what would raise certain eyebrows is that he spoke at length specifically about his experience during the shooting of Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal(2007). 

Describing his ordeal were the producers of the Movie wanted it to be mounted on a big scale and how Saif Ali Khan was initially approached, Agnihotri apparently went on to take a dig at the cast of his Movie saying that “ I realise in star system they have no empathy for the subject, ‘empathy’ I am using deliberately, ‘love and passion’ come later. They even don't care that the director is going to die of a heart attack. They don’t even care if the producer is going to become a pauper. They don’t even care if the audience is happy or not. They just do not care. And it was making me ah….(pauses) my soul was getting sad. I was feeling as if I am surrounded by very selfish people who have nothing to do with the art of cinema and I said why should I leave my life and my destiny in the hands of some fourth grade, I.Q of a fourth grade, uneducated, unaware who has no connect with India who doesn't care about his own buyers, his own consumers he doesn't give a damn to them. All he is interested is in my makeup, my hair, my vanity my this and that and then he comes and dictates or she comes and dictates the producer, the director, the writer, the distributor. He does everything, If their film doesn't work, he passes on the blame to the producer and director and if the film works then it becomes his.” 

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Since Vivek Agnihotri has worked in a few handfuls of films, it becomes easier to decipher the equations and the Movie he is talking about in his statement. In the interview, he also added how being fed up with the system he took up teaching in reputed management B schools for a while before finally coming back with Buddha in a Traffic Jam.

Meanwhile, during promotions of John Abraham's latest move Attack, John refused to comment on The Kashmir Files and accused the media of diverting and creating controversy deliberately. Well, maybe John has revisited some trouble experiences shooting the Vivek Agnihotri film Goal in the past and avoided commentary on his ex-director.