Apnanpan actor Jay Zaveri  When I started all over again in 2018 I started as a newcomer because what I did earlier was a long time ago

Apnanpan actor Jay Zaveri:  When I started all over again in 2018, I started as a newcomer because what I did earlier was a long time ago
An artist has to evolve constantly, says Jay Zaveri. The actor talks about his journey till now and shares how  experience, practice and observations have helped him nurture his craft. His work in web series’ like Asur, Barish, Abhay, Dil Hi Toh Hai, Karle Tu Bhi Mohabbat and Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain have been appreciated and he has also impressed audiences with his performances in web shows such as Ishq Aaj Kal and Sky Fire“When I started all over again in 2018, I started as a newcomer because what I did earlier was a long time ago. By the time I came back, a lot of things had changed. From the style of working, look, presentation, work atmosphere, everything. Now that there are so many daily soaps, you have to be fast. There are 50 to 100 people involved. If you’re not able to perform then there will be people to help you, like the director, assistants etc. Unlike earlier when I could remember everything as is, now, I realise I am not able to remember my lines. So, I started to understand the scene instead of remembering the lines. There are just two main questions which you require to understand in any given scene. The first is who is the character and what does he want? And second, why does he want it? Once you start asking these questions, you will have a better understanding. But this requires constant practice,” he says.In presenting an actor perfectly on screen, a lot of behind-the-scenes work is being done and many people are involved. But, at the end, the actor only gets all the limelight.

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“In today's time, the number of departments is endless. Right from the moment you enter a set the first is the makeup department, the costume department, then the direction department, the ADs come and they give you the scenes which are required to be performed that day. Once you go on the set there are people from different departments who are already at work before an actor enters. The first is the light department, who decides which light is required for the day, and then comes the camera department. After all these, once the actors come on the set, the director will make them understand the situation and explain the scene. If you have a co-actor in that particular scene, you and your co-star would rehearse a scene for once. And after that the director finally says action and that is when we perform. In short, even for a single scene almost 50 to 100 people are involved. They are all doing this to make the scene and actors look good. That’s the beauty about this industry, and that's what I love. Only team work pays off and everyone should get the credit. But in our Industry it is like ‘Jo dikhta hai wohi bikta hai’, so actors get the limelight, which I don’t think is right. So I always talk about everyone,” he explains.For any actor, feedback from the audience as well as the team matters. Jay shares that he enjoys feedback because he takes criticisms to his stride; rather he sees them as feedback, good or bad.“After I perform a scene, I seek feedback. This is what I have learnt from a senior actor, Cezanne Bhai (Cezanne Khan). I have seen him do it even when he knows that he did really well in the scene. But he always asks for feedback not because he needs it, but he wants the scene to come out beautifully. I have seen a couple of actors who say, ‘do not teach me, I know how to do this scene. Mind your business’. I’m not that kind of person. I ask everyone for feedback and learn from them. It has always helped me do better. So I make it a point to take opinions from people around me, colleagues or family or even fans. I feel it helps me evolve as an artist,” he ends.