Anu Aggarwal speaks her mind on  Ranveer Singh nude shoot which is a talking point

Anu Aggarwal speaks her mind on  Ranveer Singh's nude shoot which is a talking point!

Actress Anu Aggarwal best remembered for the superhit film Aashiqui is a woman of substance with strong viewpoints.  Ranveer Singh recently made headlines for his nude photoshoot. We called up Anu for her reaction.  She said, " My reaction? Haha Finally men in India are opening up, it is certainly progressive. Well done What is wrong with people being voyeuristic for a public figure's naked body? It is expected and natural. I don’t judge it". On being asked if she will lever get such pics clicked she says, "Who knows I am not against it.


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I already have done topless shots for the art of my Cannes Film festival movie in the past. I feel people need to drop their inhibitions and go beyond the identification with their body. I  am progressive by nature. It's all about your mindset at particular times. We are in the glamour industry and if you have it and if you flaunt it is a purely individual choice".  Well, Anu, your fans are surely wanting to see you back to acting. You always had the spunk to be yourself!