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Nepotism is the termite in Bollywood!

Nepotism is the termite in Bollywood!, Sonakshi sinha, Sonam Kapoor, Ananya Panday, Sharaddha kapoor
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Bollywood has the potential to grow more and cross the previous benchmark. The country is a mine of talents. We have plenty of extraordinary artists who believe in hard work and determination. In such a race, the nepotism works as a steroid for the star kids. The worst thing about the matter is that it cannot be affected internally. If you complain about nepotism to Bollywood, this would bring no good results. As every second artist in Bollywood is there due to some source or Godfather. They won’t support the impartiality. In such a case, only the public has the responsibility to sanitize Bollywood and make it safe from the unworthy star kids. Stars like Sonam Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha doesn’t even back from their rude and nonsense statements on various social media platforms. A recent tweet from Sonam Kapoor came in light recently that angered the audience a lot. In the crucial time of the sudden death of Sushant Singh Rajput, she expressed immense pride for the privilege that her father brought to her. She even blamed others for not having such a successful father. According to her, it is obviously no matter to judge someone out of their family background or race. On the other hand, she talks about no discrimination for various other matters. Such hypocrites the leader termites and effect the mentality of users a lot. Even kids are using social media a lot nowadays. In such time, those misleading statements from a celebrity are not good for her immature followers.

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Cheap publicity stunts and internal politics!

Not many of us are aware of it but this happens. Bollywood is indirectly connected with the political matters of the country. It has a vast effect on the youth of the country. Stars lead to manipulate their fans so many times for a specific reason. You follow their ideology because they are your favourite star or in relation to them. So many followers blindly worship their favorite star. Keep in mind to value the hard work and talent rather than connections behind the face. If we are fighting against corruption to make India grow higher then Nepotism is also a kind of corruption. Also, Hypocrisy dies at the door of Bollywood. Bollywood supported anti-racism campaigns but discriminate against their own countrymen on the basis of color, creed, and family background. Most of the celebrities don’t praise the struggle of outsiders and treat them as a low class but elaborate their own story with much grace.

Controversies outnumber movies!

If you are a Bollywood junkie, this is obviously not new news to you. Star kids get an extra benefit in every aspect. Some of them become famous and appear at magazine covers before the movie debut. Their presentation to the audience makes their movie a must-watch. This diverts the actual topic of evaluation of the upcoming movie. The lobbies get divided and people blindly follow some third party’s instruction. Most of those controversies are created by Star kids.

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