'My Name is Khan' & I am not a Terrorist -"Shahrukh Khan" again stopped at Los Angeles International Airport

‘My Name is Khan” directed by Karan johar and released in 2010, but now it seems that’s US authorities taken this movies title very serious, and very time when ‘SRK’ want to visit US they stopped him for security check.
Again he was stopped at Los Angeles Airport by US authorities for security check, and The US ambassador to India has apologized for the detention and said authorities were working to ensure it did not happen again. However its not the first time when he was stopped.
In 2012, Khan was detained for 90 minutes at the White Plains airport near New York.
In 2009, he was stopped for two hours at Newark airport. He was released after India’s embassy intervened.
According to the ABP News report all the misunderstanding happen because of the list No fly black list created by US authorities post 9/11 incident. There are approximately 81000 names in the list who are not allowed to fly in US and there is one name similar to shahrukh khan because of he is facing this issue.
However Shahrukh Khan twitted in very positively and appreciate the level of security in the world.

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