'Premer Golpo' of Arfin Xunayed and Jinia Shimu Touched the Heard of the Audience

'Premer Golpo' of Arfin Xunayed and Jinia Shimu Touched the Heard of the Audience
Arfin Xunayed is the name of a glowing star in the showbiz world of Bangladesh. Though he started his career as a model, now he is revealing his genuine talent in acting too. He has performed in many dramas that have caught his fan's hearts. 

This time Arfin Xunayed revealed himself on-screen with his 'Premer Golpo.' No! It is not actually his love story. This is the name of his latest music video released today. In the video, he was seen with the co-actress Jinia Shimu. This is the first work of the Afrin Xunayed and Jinia Shimu pair.  

The music video 'Premer Golpo,' directed by Shamim Ahsan, has been released today under the banner of Popy Multimedia. The lyrics and music of the song were made by Shamim Ahsan as well. The popular singer SM Manir has given voice to the song. The female voice is of the popular singer from 'Channel I Ganer Raja' Adishree Saha. Within the release, the song got a huge view from the audience and was appreciated a lot. The credit for this also goes to the editor of the song Fokrul Islam. 

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Those who love the songs of the romantic genre will love this song more. This is actually based on the pure love between a husband and wife. This sweet story is, at a time, a mixture of passion and pure love. The relationship of husband-wife is divine; there is no other love that can be satisfied with such a divine touch which is actually shown in the music video. How a wife heals the husband during his illness or in difficult times through care and love with full dedication- is the main theme of the song. Arfin Xunayed and Jinia Shimu have acted naturally to show this in the video. Where at present most relationships have turned full of betrayal and selfishness there; this kind of song is a real need for society. Thus, this can inspire people to realise the true meaning of love. 

This beautiful song has produced by the founder of Popy Multimedia, Russel Mal. While the promo of the song 'Premer Golpo' was released on 9th June, there was a huge response from the audience. Especially fan of Arfin Xunayed was overwhelmed with this music video after a quite long time. The director Shamim Ahsan and the model of the song, Arfin Xunayed, expect this song will touch everyone's heart.