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Music is Music whether Bollywood or non-Bollywood, Sukriti and Pakriti Kakar.

Music is Music whether Bollywood or non-Bollywood, Sukriti and Pakriti Kakar.
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Artists and artist Sukriti Kakar and her twin sister Prakriti kakar have turned out with another melody ‘Kehndi Haan Kehndi Naa.’ The tune has end up being the people groups one of their top choices in their playlist. The twins accept that music will be music whether it is Bollywood or non-Bollywood. Furthermore, on the off chance that anyone loves the music, they will tune in any case and anyplace.

Chatting about autonomous music, Sukriti and Prakriti stated, “Individuals state free music is future, yet I believe it’s a present. We don’t need to trust that free music will be the primary concern. These days Hindi pops are in undeniable. Singles have gotten well known to such a degree, that for Hindi films it’s a first rate. I think this is the best approach forward. Music will be music whether Bollywood or non-Bollywood. I accept, in the event that someone loves any music, they will listen anyplace and at any rate. There are numerous mediums accessible right now to listen music. Dislike that on the off chance that you go to observe any movies, you will find a good pace music.”

Discussing the up and coming ventures the Kakar sisters stated, “We didn’t discharge a lot of music in 2019, in light of the fact that we were occupied with chipping away at the activities of 2020. Individuals had whined us with respect to this. Be that as it may, presently without taking any break we will without a doubt put forth a strong effort. There numerous things in the pipeline. When we will complete, we’ll let our fan thinks about it.”

These twin Indian playback vocalists have overwhelmed the Bollywood business. Between these two sisters they have amassed countless perspectives on the web, melodies selected for quantities of grants including Honesty Oscars 2014 and the Kakar sisters are additionally behind the gathering song of devotion “Kar Gayi Chull”.

‘Kehndi Haan Kehndi Naa’ is created and voiced by Sukriti and Prakriti Kakar. The melody highlights Arjun Bijlani, Sukriti and Prakriti Kakar.

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