Netflix: Footfairy Movie Review, Sunspence till end 

Netflix: Footfairy Movie Review, a movie with no end

On 23 July 2020, and old movie Footfairy that was originally released in 2020 got released, and Footfairy, starring Gulshan Devaiah, Sagarika Ghatge and Kunaal Roy Kapur, is an suspence crime thriller, exploring obsession-induced crimes and their aftermath.

From time to time, bollywood seeks unconventional themes, but often presents a powerful story that has been hurt by bland packaging. But sometimes the film insists on an untaken path. Foot fairy is exactly that. It brings us a serial killer thriller who delves into the world of horrific crime and its aftermath. The desire for murder and violence is not the only thing that Boliwood has given us abundantly with his love for dark and twisted stories. Footfairy takes the unexplored path of portraying ridiculous fetishes and their associated attachments, addictions, and enthusiasts.

Kanishuk Varma made an outstanding directorial debut in the film. Footfairy turned out to be dark, quirky and immersive. The story takes place in Mumbai, where a mysterious serial murder takes place. Gulshan Devaiah plays Vivaan Dehmukh, Deputy Director of the CBI. It is his responsibility to lead the investigation to catch the criminal. Viewers typically experience exciting cat and mouse hunting in this sub-genre. This is where the foot fairy is differentiated and superior. It shows the impact of crime or its lack on systems, cities, and their people.

Serial killer targets young women at various stations in the darkness of the night and throws their bodies into her suitcases Fetish comes here. Psychopaths cut off the victim's legs as a souvenir. And Mumbai generally pays attention to violent crimes, about that day, but as always, almost at night. Serial killers appear in casual conversations, the crime scene becomes a joke (emphasizing the "semen tsunami"), and even the serial killer's foot fetish can be mischievously portrayed. But through all of this, Footfairy never drags you, it keeps you hooked.

Sagarika Ghatge plays her role as well as the pediatrician Devika, who has a romantic relationship with Gulshan's Vivaan. She is confident and attractive to her scene. Kunaal Roy Kapur performs well with limited screen times. The actor, known for his comedy characters, creates an uneasy atmosphere in his negative role as cafe owner Joshua. The support cast also adds weight to the foot fairy.

However, it is Gulshan Devaiah who owns his character completely. He lives, breathes, talks, and moves like a law enforcement officer. As the story progresses and crimes become more daring and frequent, Gulshan seamlessly transitions between vivan-like intense emotions. First casually passionate about the case, then aggressive in his obsession with serial killers, he succumbs to the demands of the CBI's detective work. He suffers from anxiety as the difficulties of his professional life spill over into his personal life.
Footfairy is surprisingly fast. The story changes as soon as you try to break the identity of a serial killer. One is put in the dark throughout the movie until the final scene. Still, it's not the epic revelation that satisfies the audience, but the director's commentary through the film. How are the hearts of countless crimes and criminals beyond most understanding that people are fortunately unaware of until the tragedy becomes personal. Also, cities like Mumbai never stop moving. It’s not in their nature to do so.

Footfairy’s background score is remarkable and complements the vibe of the crime thriller. While the film is engrossing, we felt the narrative could have been developed and given another layer. It’s always interesting to watch how crimes affect people on both ends of the spectrum the culprit and the cop. The director could have used more chills and a little more grunge. The movie is a bit short here. Nevertheless, the suspense is gripping, the performance is excellent and the movie is highly recommended

Who is the killer in Footfairy movie

That might be the question in your mid too, and at the end everyone is expected to reveal the name of real killer, however, movie ends without revealing the name of killer. Well, one thing is for sute that this movie will comeup with a part 2 as well. After bidding goodbye to Harsh, Vivaan goes to the same murder location, where a kid reveals to him that someone else had visited there too and had told him about the red suitcase which he had kept there years ago. When asked about where the unidentified person headed towards, the kid points at the railway tracks with the camera zooming forward with an open ending. Along with highlighting the serial killer's vague fetish, Footfairy also showcases the CBI officer's obsession with tracking down the culprit.