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Movie Review – Simmba Full with Masala and Entertainment

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Rohit Shetty’s Simmba starring Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan is Full with Entertainment but you will Flying Cars that we love watching in Rohit Shetty’s films.

Simmba Story: Story is very old revenge drama that we use to see in the 80s and 90s, Willian’s brother raped a girl and brother will have to take revenge but all this in new Rohit Shetty’s style.

Review: Although the story is old and very predictable but you will never get bored and its full with surprises that make you awake in the whole movie. It starts with a comedy and till interval, it reaches to the emotional turn.

From the beginning till the first half you will see lots of comedy by Ranveer Singh and that is the best part because you will see the energy level of Ranveer in every seen for what Ranveer should be known for. Second half onwards the pace of the film went to a little slow but  Rohit Shetty handled it very cleverly by adding many cameo characters in the film that you will get to know when you will see the movie.

In terms of acting, everyone did their best but you will miss Sara Ali Khan’s acting as she hardly seen in 10 to 15 scenes and where you can’t see her on acting the part but One thing that I want to add till the time she is on the screen and the character that we play you will find a level of maturity in her and I am sure Sara Ali Khan will be the first choice for director’s and producers in future other than the other star kids in industry.

Action and Dialogues: Rohit Shetty’s film always know for the action shots and in this film, you will find good action scenes but you will miss the Running cards and Flying cars that we normally see in Rohit Shett’s film.The one and only scene of Flying Car that you will see in the film when Ajay Devgn (Singham) entered into the story.

But action scenes were shot with very effectively with good sound effects and you will feel every punch and broken bone sound. I remember two scenes that were shot with some extra creativity. First when Ranveer Shing fight with Sonu Sood’s people in the police station and that’s the first fight scene of the film. In one scene when Ranveer pulled Fighter from his hand put him back to the ground with force on that time cameraman flip the camera clockwise and that scene was shot with the rotating camera will give you some kind of illusion effect and another scene when Ajay Devgn fight with people and Sonu Sood during almost at the end of the film, Ajay Devgn put him on his back and move forward slowly and post that the fighter fallen down on the ground. These two fighting scenes got special attention from me.

Dialogues are also good and on a few of them, you will see people will shout and clap in the cinema hall. The one I remember is when Ranveer Singh told Sonu Sood about his family and He says “I have Father, I have Mother, I have Sister and I also have a brother that you don’t have now.”

Why you should go to watch – If you love Rohit Shetty’s film you must go and watch its full with Masala and Entertainment. Ranveer Singh’s Energy level and comic timing withhold you till the end.

Things Missed in the film: Rohit Shetty’s Flying and Running cards and climax could be better and its ends in every normal, If I was waiting for any surprise and expecting something more at the end.

You will also get a Special Surprise at the end for 2019, Hint for next film. 

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