Movie Review: #OkJaanu – Mani Ratnam & Shaad Ali Doesn't Bring Fresh

what are the chances that orchid John who is a strictly okay for him nothing more nothing less well pretty? Strong say considering the director shoddily doesn’t bring much freshness to the cutesy but clichéd love story.
The company that money let them wrote and directed two years ago it’s also the team that was explored just last month in basically in which a young couple decides to live in without making any commitments to each other. Expectedly before you can be started yawning the two have fallen in love. John who is a sort of film where the audience knows better than the cleanest leads that this will end with a golden share money red lehenga and those soft videos but we have to wait it out until the top of find their way they’re such as images it wasn’t management manual have a lot of truck door here is Adi played by a Detroit cool and Farah played by Shakopee both movies and Mumbai an architect she wants to go to Paris to further her career.
Why he a video game developer is headed to Silicon Valley the 21 to make the limited time together count so no fighting no possessiveness no commitment. Just a relationship with less drama now, unfortunately, this also means barely any drama in the plot a conflict that never feels urgent enough and we’re too many montage sequences of an audience are goofing around on the street and at nightclubs set to air that man’s refreshing tune from them. Karen the more interesting love story here is that the landlord gopi Moscow-led by a terrific Masson sharp retired judge devoted to his wife Charles played by Leela Samson a kinetic singer who is suffering from Alzheimer’s this couple ground the flighty younger one so they finally get the deeper meaning of love now the crackling chemistry that Aditya roy Kapoor shraddha Kapoor shade in the last outing are she too is still there and at this year in particular place a charming and light-hearted I the carefree rd but surely drag the film on for too long there’s not a lot to be said here and very little that complaining going with two out of five four okay general it’s a little bit like flat soda

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