“More films should be made about women, for women and by women.” Alankrita Shrivastava

On Monday, in a personal interview Alankrita Shrivastava spoke about how more films should be made about women and express their stories and their struggle for freedom.

The controversial film Lipstick Under My Burkha is a different film then other women based stories and such more films should be made, Alankrita said, “It’s a very fun, colorful and a warm film. More films should be made about women, for women and by women.”

The director and writer of Lipstick under my Burkha, Alankrita also spoke about how the story came to be, “I am quite preoccupied with the idea of, women finding freedom and women finding themselves I myself don’t feel free and I am always feeling like there is something inside that keeps holding me back. This yearning for freedom I wanted to explore. I thought rather than exploring in a world, where there are not many external restrictions, why not explore it through a world where there are actually more restriction on women’s freedom. Then look at this idea of being internally free and externally free. So it just sort of emerged like that.”

Director, Alankrita stated there is no comparison of Pink with Lipstick under my Burkha, “Pink told a wonderful story, it would be a proud comparison, but I think the two films are very different. I really loved Pink but I did feel that eventually it was about Mr. Bachchan’s character saving the women, so I think it had a different quantitation.”

When asked how the film is different from other similar stories Alankrita said, “Lipstick Under my Burkha is also much more independent film like Pink, It also tells a story of 4 ordinary women and their search for freedom. It’s told from a very intimate female point of view. I think Pink is more about the idea of consent and how safe are women on the street. And on other side Lipstick under my Burkha talks about what freedom women has within the 4 walls of her home, it’s more about what you face while inside the area that is supposed to be most protective.”

She also spoke about the support she received around the world and in India even before the release, “I think in our own country there is a lot of support for Lipstick Under my Burkha, I have been receiving amazing messages from many young women and men in support of the film. I feel supported with this film and I think the only chink in the armor is CBFC and the whole idea of censorship. I feel like the film has got so much support from so many people across so many different countries and the most beautiful thing is people in India haven’t even seen the film and are still giving us so much love.”

Alankrita is excited to see the Film’s result on box office and how the film will raise with everyone’s love and support. The film will be screening in theaters in India on 21st July 2017.

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