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Maria Goretti Warsi Shares Heartfelt Note About Her Culinary Journey

Maria Goretti Warsi Shares Heartfelt Note About Her Culinary Maria Goretti Warsi Shares Heartfelt Note About Her Culinary JourneyJourney
Maria Goretti Warsi Shares Heartfelt Note About Her Culinary Journey
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Actor Arshad Warsi’s wife Maria Goretti, who is known for her anchoring, acting and cooking skills, took to her Instagram handle and shared her choices of cooking. Apart from this she also mentioned that one should not negotiate with their emotions.
Maria along with her picture shared a text which read, “I never liked cooking .I loved eating. I played with basics, I learnt from my mom. I was not interested in cooking at all .Till I had kids and had to feed them. I started putting my heart, soul and mind into it, in 2010.I started blogging about it. My blogs were about food I was learning, but mostly about life that I was living and learning to accept or not. Cooking and writing was my therapy .It still is. I found a new me, I really liked.”
“Who was still not perfect and still did not give a rats, but was not too scared at what life would chuck my way. I have been told I’m a closed person, I do not share easily. And I agree. But when it comes to food and writing, there is no editing for me. It is what it is. And ya I try and smile a lot, laugh a lot too. Life is too short. And ya ,don’t try pleasing everyone, you are not supposed to .When you love, give it your all, if you get it back, you will have more to give, if it’s not returned, you will eventually stop. But fight tooth and nail for the ones you love, don’t give up easily. Try not taking the opinion of others about you, good or bad too seriously. Don’t bottle your emotions, they make you sick, at least in my case they do.”
“Be truthful about yourself, at least to yourself, it will keep you sane. Look after your elders. And keep walking. Many may join you along the way, very few will stay .It’s ok to be scared. It’s ok to make mistakes. It’s ok to say “fuck off” when you want to .And it’s also ok to start from 0 again. I have no clue why I have all this in my head today…I think it’s a note from me to me, but I’m ok with sharing it with all of you .Have a beautiful, loving shiny day and may your night be spangled with stars. With lotsa love “From My Kitchen To Yours”.  @amitashar”
On the personal front, Arshad Warsi and Maria Goretti have been married for 18 years. They’ve been through thick and thin and survived in Bollywood, and are still very much in love. They met when he was just a choreographer and she started assisting him.

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