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Love Aaj Kal, A high voltage torture for the audience, rated 2.5 star.

Love Aaj Kal, A high voltage torture for the audience, rated 2.5 star.
Love Aaj Kal, A high voltage torture for the audience, rated 2.5 star.
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Love Aaj Kal’ sets off to celebrate complex characters and dysfunctional relationships, with the universal emotion of love. It’s quite hard to explain what Imtiaz Ali is going for in Love Aaj Kal. Like the original, the counterfeit also intercuts between two timelines. Zoe and Veer meet at bar and head to his place for a quick fling. He refuses to sleep with her because, duh, she’s too special to be made love to. Later, he stalks her, shows up at the place she works at and like a good Indian lover, remains stubborn. Ali’s protagonist Zoe is the embodiment of the latter. A complicated character, who has a five-year plan to make merry and launch her own event management company, before she ‘settles down’ in a committed relationship.

About the review, the film failed to connect with the audience. As per the title ‘Love Aaj Kal’ nothing in the film has been shown. The film bears out to be less entertaining. The first half was little enhancing, but the second half was too elongated and stretchy. Though the concept was very easy, but has been flaunted in a very complex manner. There is a lack of creativity on director’s path. Nevertheless, the movie has been released on valentine’s day, but is not a perfect preference for the lovers to watch. The phobia of getting into a committed relationship has not been portrayed precisely. The story has been needlessly being twisted.

 Talking about the performance, Sara has an imposing screen presence and looks gorgeous, but her performance doesn’t quite make you root for Zoe. Kartik Aaryan is good as the boyish Raghu, whose transformation from a timid lovelorn small-towner to a big-city Casanova, is believable. As Veer, however, even Kartik doesn’t get to do more than meekly follow around the love of his life and be at her back and call. But it’s Randeep Hooda, who leaves a lasting impression even with lesser screen time. Debutant Arushi Sharma have a few scenes to offer in the first half and then disappeared in the second half but the little she had was a decent work. The music composed by Pritam is weak and not at all catchy. 

Overall Director Imtiaz Ali who has written the screenplay as well as the story has failed miserably to please the audiences. He has left all of us confused as the end was also abrupt.  If it is a movie date that you are planning for this Valentine’s Day, then Imtiyaz Ali movie is not a perfect preference.


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