#LipstickUnderMyBurkha will encourage many filmmakers to put out different kind of stories says Konkona Sen Sharma

Konkona Sen Sharma, India’s one of the finest actress and now filmmaker is gearing up for her next release Lipstick Under my Burkha. Konkona stated that Lipstick Under My Burkha will encourage many filmmakers to put out different kind of stories in an interview on Monday in Mumbai.
Earlier, Central Board of Film Certification refused to certify the film, stating that “The story is lady oriented their fantasy above life. There are contagious sexual scenes, abusive words, audio pornography and a bit sensitive touch about one particular section of society”. Eventually after lot of struggle and fight producers of the film able to get certificate for the release of the film.
Talking about that traumatic experience, Konkona said, “We never thought that if we make certain kind of film then censor will say NO to us and then we will gain some extra publicity. It wasn’t in our control in fact, it was very stressful time for producers and filmmaker but only positive aspect about this film was that, it was widely appreciated by normal audience from abroad countries and it won 11 awards. Finally, it got censor certificate at the end of the day and its releasing on 21st July so this is a probably good ending to this journey and I feel it will encourage many filmmakers to put out different kind of stories.”
Konkona added, “I feel, we don’t need censor because when we interacted with common audience that time we realized that they are dying to see the film. Media also helped us throughout the journey as they are very enthusiastic about the film so I don’t know whose view censor board is reflecting. This film surely has adult content but in this country at the age of 18, you have right to choose your life partner and to vote in the general election but then how they can’t choose what film they want to watch?”
Konkona also spoke about role where she is playing married Muslim woman, she said, “The role was well written. It was well fleshed out. The character felt like real person. In this film, there are different kind of situations this woman is in which normally you don’t see so it was very clear from the script what kind of story director want to tell. Alankrita and I had word on building this character plus we did acting workshops which was really helpful. I had wonderful co-star Sushant Singh and other female actress so all of this put together helped me to essay my character”.
This film has some bold scenes and dialogue so when asked Konkona about any apprehensions while acting in film like this, she said, “I never had any apprehensions at all. I was so happy and relieved those something sensible, grown-up, mature and realistic dealings in this film between men and women which you don’t see too much in our films. In our films, there is very strict and safe narrative and we can’t go beyond that. I feel, if you are content and happy with these surface kind of realities then it’s your choice but it’s so rare that you get such compassionate glimpse with so much genuineness. It will be more relatable to woman and even men while watching the film”
Talking about the film, she said, “It’s a very rare and unusual script that people will come across which deals with lives of 4 different women from different communities and age which is set in Bhopal living inner life. It’s an important story that we have tried to tell. I think it’s not a message and dukhi (sad) film of 4 women. There are lots of issues which they are dealing with but there is lot of joy, entertainment, humor and camaraderie shown in the film”.
The film stars Konkona Sen Sharma, Plabita Borthakur, Ratna Pathak Shah, Aahana Kumra in lead roles. It is directed by Alankrita Srivastava and produced by Prakash Jha.
It is releasing on 21 July, 2017.

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