Let’s talk about Dil Bechara, not an review it’s what I feel, movie review, dil bechara review

Let’s talk about Dil Bechara, not an review it’s what I feel

It’s 12 ‘o’clock in the night and I am writing this just after I completed Dil Bechara. Let’s me start with a dialogue in the film, “People can never be happy after losing a loved one”. That’s really true and this film has revoked all the memories that you have with your loved one, not only with those who are with you by any reason but also wit whom who are with you. 

I also like to add one point here which I personally feel more connected in the film. I know like me many of you have listen this line many times, “Life and death is not is not in your hand, but how you can live your life does matter because it is in your hand how and what to do in your life”.  Trust when you Will actually listen these line in the film it touches you emotions and left with something in back in your mind. 

I am not going to review the film, because you can’t review the emotions and the feels that you have with someone.  Dill Bechara is all about that emotion and feel, and you must experience the same.  This is for Sushant Singh Rajput, I don’t know why you left us in shocked, I don’t know why you left us with many questions,  us I know you always be there in many hearts forever ever.  Because your the emotion and emotion doesn’t die. 

Missing You Always….. Sushant  

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