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Here comes an end to the wait for the most exciting show, Big Boss. It is going to start from 3rd October on Colours TV. Also, everyone’s favorite host, Salman Khan, would join this monsoon season too. This one will be fantastic suspense because, for the first time, 3 Youtubers will also join the show. YouTube has been a very loved platform recently. The creators are viral nationwide. Watching their reality on the show would be fascinating. Sources confirm that Ajey Nagar, famous as Carryminati will be one of the contestants.

Carry fans reaction

As we all know that Ajey Nagar makes roasting videos on YouTube. He had some sarcastic content over Big Boss too. When he is to be featured himself on the show, then it has shocked every fan. We got merely mixed reactions. Hardcore fans didn’t like it much, yet they are willing to support him in the show. Whereas others say that it’s a step towards success and fame. Appearing in the show or not is a matter of personal choice. Some also said that they love him for his content. They are not much affected for his personal decisions.

Along with this, many old contestants will also come back. Gauhar Khan and Hina Khan will join Big Boss 14 as a contestant. The previous winner is not interested in filling the list. Yet he will be there for the performance and some particular tasks. The show has been one of the highest TRP gainers. It is prevalent among teenagers and young people. The tasks are the lifeline of the show. They keep the entertainment keep going. Since now the show has given many people fame and success in Bollywood too.

What’s new?

The makers have confirmed that there will be a mall, mini-theatre, restaurant, and Spa corner in the new Big Boss house. It will be used as a token or reward for the contestants. It will add more enthusiasm among contestants towards the tasks. Salman Khan will start shooting for the show from 1st October. Keeping the current scenario of COVID-19 in mind, doctors have also taken a high-level observation of the arrangements. They have confirmed that every necessary precaution has been accepted for the safety of connected people. It is safe for the shooting of the show. As it is not possible to allow any outsider now, so the live audience has been cut out from the front. The shooting will be in an isolated place after keeping in mind all the rules and regulations. No problematic condition should arise from the spot; otherwise, it can cancel the show in the middle or the start.

Though the hidden twists and turns about the show are impossible to know now, we have some hints alongside sources. The theme and set information are not being shared by the team strictly. The show’s publicity is very high, and the audience is eagerly awaiting the next high voltage dramas on the show.

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