Kriti Sanon celebrates her birthday with the cast of Bareilly ki Barfi.

Kriti Sanon celebrates her birthday with the cast of Bareilly ki Barfi.

Kriti Sanon who is gearing up for her upcoming film Bareilly ki Barfi celebrated her Birthday with the entire cast on Thursday in Mumbai.

Kriti when asked who wished her first at midnight, she said “My sister and my close friends along with the cast had come to my house last night. I don’t remember who wished me first exactly, but I remember getting ready to cut the cake and talking to mom and dad on the phone at 12:01”

Kriti who is the lead actress in the film Bareilly ki Barfi spoke about her character Bitti, she said, “Bitti is a broad minded person. She is from a small city but she questions the rules of society. She is one and the only girl in Bareilly who knows how to Break-dance. She is bold and straight forward.”

When asked if she had to do something different for the movie Kriti said, “I always support anti-smoking. But it was just something I had to do for the character. I didn’t want to look fake so I had to do it the right way. Had to learn the little things like the way she holds a cigarette or the way she is suppose to smoke. This is the one thing I had to learn for the film.”

The actress spoke about working with Ayushmann and Rajkumar for the first time and bonding with the cast, she said, “I had a lot of fun, even when we were doing workshops and reading, it was great. Both of them are such that they love improvising. They both are super talented. I could see their characters in them, while shooting. I think when you have good actors in front of you, your performance becomes better. We all had a blast, everyone was like a family collaborating for every scene.”

Kriti Sanon last appeared in Dilwale with Varun Dhawan in 2015 and Raabta in 2016 opposite Sushant Singh Rajput. Her upcoming film Bareilly ki Barfi, directed by Ashwini Iyer Tiwari will release on 18th August.

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