Ki & Ka is not going to change anything in Society | Arjun Kapoor & Kareen Kapoor | Delhi Press conference

‘Kareena Kappor Khan’ and Khatron Ke Khiladi ‘Arjun Kapoor’ came to Delhi to promote their upcoming film “Ki & Ka”. They both are sharing the screen for the first time together.

While speaking with the media Kareena told media “I think Arjun and I make one of the best pairs. Strangely, because everyone has been complimenting me on that. Everywhere I go people say that you and Arjun look really good together. I hope we have a different kind of film again where we can work together again.”

Arjun Kapoor appreciate the media person for recognise the effort and concept of the movie, he also told that we all three ( Arjun, Kareena & R Balki) not think that we are creating any documentary and this will change anything in the society and cinema is not that much capable to do some changes however it will reflects the society current situations and what happing in the society.

The current scenario in the society is that all people are feeling hesitate of not feet  good to do or talk about house hold work done by men. People and society feel so shamed if any man will do or help women in the house hold work. if this movie will let few people talk about this topic than we think our job is done. And also this movie is full of entertainment and music if its don’t ring the bell in mind then at least you will get entertain from this for sure. Movie hold a very positive context and don’t differentiate a gender.

When asked Kareena that she played a carrier oriented women role in the movie and how she relate the same in real life like if she want to see Saif Ali as Ka and do house hold things. for this question she replied very well “hubby Saif hasn’t watched the film but is already impressed with the concept. She said, “Saif hasn’t seen the film yet, but when he watches it he should pick up tips from Arjun. So, let him see it first. He is very impressed with the concept and he is very very supportive. Whenever I talk to him, the first thing he says is I think this movie is going to be something else. So it is very rare you have such a supporting husband who is so excited about the film as though it is his film. So I think that is more important than this role reversal in my real life.”

Well the movie will be released on the fools day i.e. 1st April 2016, and have very unique concept that never be used in the Bollywood and story of the movie related every married couples life. Now its the time that will let us know if this works and movie will do good business on Box Office.

Go and watch Ki & Ka on first week of April and share your Review on Ki and ka.

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