Kajol madly signing the song at a radio station “Baby Doll Main Sone Di”

Kajol is particularly carefree and her latest video is a proof. Kajol Devgn is known for her peculiar comical inclination, had sung Sunny Leone’s “Baby Doll Main Sone Di” amid the advancements of “Dilwale” with Shah Rukh Khan, a year ago. Artist Kanika Kapoor, who sang the chart-buster track, “Baby Doll Main Sone Di”, shared the video of Kajol madly signing the song at a radio station
In the video, one can see Kajol singing the tune like nobody is viewing and her style of singing will clearly abandon you in parts. The video is by all accounts from the advancements of ‘Dilwale’, as Shah Rukh Khan too has joined the performer at a radio station. Kajol sings just a couple lines yet simply take a gander at her wacky and cheerful state of mind while singing.

Hahaha #Kajol #Sweet 💋❤️

A video posted by Kanika Kapoor (@kanik4kapoor) on Sep 7, 2016 at 7:11am PDT

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