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Juhi Chawla’s ‘Power of Ayurveda!’

Juhi Chawla's 'Power of Ayurveda!'
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A sanitizer made of neem leaves and turmeric! While sharing the IGTV video, Juhi Chawla shared the Ayurvedic recipe of sanitizer with fans. Juhi Chawla wrote, ‘Power of Ayurveda! Fun Fact: You can purify the air in your home without any purifiers.

The world came to know the importance of Ayurveda during Coronavirus. So just to make the house air fresh, you need Neem leaves and turmeric. With this preparation, you can also sanitize your hands at home. Make it sure to use it. In this video of about 2 minutes, Juhi explained the entire method of making Ayurvedic sanitizer. Also, Ayurvedic properties of turmeric and neem leaves were also shared with the people. Explaining how to make sanitizer, Juhi also showed himself by making Ayurvedic sanitizer.

Juhi poured eight-ten leaves of neem in a plate, then added two spoons of turmeric and water to the plate and mixed it well. And it was advised to use this solution as a sanitizer and keep this solution in an open area in a similar house. Actually this morning, Juhi spoke to the owner of the Ayurvedic Health Care Center in Mumbai. And to know this easy and Ayurvedic recipe from them only. Which Juhi himself used at home and through Insta’s IGTV video, also told the fans the importance of Power of Ayurveda.

Even before this, Juhi has been sharing things related to Yoga, Health and Nature. Recently the children of Delhi had grown plants under the name of Juhi. Sharing this, Juhi expressed happiness and said, “Today I feel myself successful.” Talking of films, Juhi appeared in the films ‘Hum Tumse Pyaar Kisna’ and ‘Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga’ in 2019.


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