The three times National award winner Amitabha Singh, known for the films like ‘Chillar Party’ and Oscar nominated ‘The Good Road’ is debuting as a Director with the film‘Shortcut Safari’.JIMMY SHERGILL (2)

Shortcut Safari is based on the story of seven urban children who gets trapped in the jungle on their way back from a trip and eventually learn values of mutual respect, team-spirit and perseverance. The film has been screened at various film festivals and applauded a lot for the children’s performances.

The film apart from having ensemble children actors also stars Jimmy Shergill. Jimmy Shergill quoted “The film will help children to learn the environmental values

When asked from the director if it was difficult to direct so many children all together, he said “No, the children I worked with were very hardworking. In fact, I myself have learned so much from them”

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