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Jasmin Bhasin: The True Winner Of The Task

Jasmin Bhasin: The True Winner Of The Task
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We’ve seen glimpses of Jasmin Bhasin’s fighting spirit in the last few episodes of Bigg Boss14, but in yesterday’s episode, she has proved just how strong that spirit is by winning a task.
Jasmin was up against Nikki Tamboli and it was a very close fight. During the task, we saw how determined and strong Jasmin is. Keeping her stance steady, she never lost focus on the task.  Whoever of the two girls had the most balls in their basket by the end of the game, would be the winner. However, it wasn’t that simple.

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During the fight of stealing each other’s balls, they both tore their baskets to shreds. By the end of the game, Jasmin was holding most of the baskets with balls entangled within them whereas Nikki was holding a piece of cardboard and balls in her hand. Although Jasmin was the clear winner, Sanchalak Hina Khan and Gauahar Khan sided with Jasmin for having more balls in the nets but Sidharth Shukla seemed confused and called it a ‘draw.’ He said that this should be a draw since Nikki had a small part of the basket in her hand. After a long argument which lasted a few hours, Jasmin was announced as the final winner.

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As a reward for her hard work, she will get all her items back from the BB mall. We hope we get to see more of Jasmin’s strong side in the upcoming episodes of Bigg Boss.  Interestingly, after Jasmin won the task, there has been a lot of support for her. Actors like Prince Narula, Debina Bon Choudhary, and Aly Goni, Andy Kumar, Priya Malik are on her side. At the moment, we are witnessing a social media war between Jasmin Bhasin and Nikki Tamboli. To all the Nikki fans, just remember that pity doesn’t make you a winner, hard work does. Jasmin’s fans have left no stone unturned and have been fighting till the end for the victory. We don’t even know who is Nikki Tamboli maybe she is someone unknown looking for two minutes of fame!


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