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Jasmin Bhasin – the popular face of Bigg Boss 14 – has become the captain of the house.

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In yesterday’s episode, we saw the competition between Jasmin and Pavitra. Housemates asked Pavitra why does she deserve to be the captain? Pavitra told Abhinav and Jasmin that she wants to be the captain because she wants to take revenge on Eijaz. Jasmin tried to convince Pavitra to let her be the captain since it is the only way for her to stay in the green zone and close to Aly. Jasmin wom the task and was declared the captain of the house. Pavitra told Aly that he must convince Jasmin to let her be in the Bigg Boss house and send Eijaz to the red zone. Jasmin also intelligently put Rahul in the red zone and gave a chance to Shardul and Naina as she thought they deserve one more chance to compete. Though Rahul was hurt Jasmin explained that she wanted to give Shardul and Naina a fighting chance and she saved Rubina because she had given a word to Abhinav. Jasmin discussed duties with housemates. After much confusion, Jasmin finally convinced everyone to be on the same page. Jasmin discussed the same with Aly as well. Alls well when ends well. We are hoping to see Jasmin as the best captain of the house. Keep supporting Jasmin Bhasin.

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