Jab ‘FAN’ met ‘Sultan’ | Shah Rukh Khan | Salman Khan

Guess who will be the ‘FAN’ of the Salman Khan, I know know you thinking what the stupid question is this. Who is not a FAN of Salman Khan in this world every human being is now a FAN of Bhai Jaan.

But recently the another super star of bollywood SRK (Shah Rukh Khan) shown his FANship with the Salman Khan.

Shah Rukh Khan, who will next be seen in ‘Fan’, dropped in to meet Salman Khan on the set of the latter’s film, ‘Sultan’, in Film City, Mumbai.

Shah Rukh Khan was in the vicinity when he decided to pay Sallu a visit. In this pic, the stars appear to be reaching out for a hug – their growing friendship sure seems to be for keeps.

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