“It’s rare that we come across such kind of stories”,says Konkana Sen Sharma

On Monday , Konkana Sen Sharma one of the lead cast of the movie Lipstick Under My Burkha spoke in an interview about her character and the whole experience ,where she stated that it’s rare to come across such kind of stories .

“I started reading this script and I was very pleasantly surprised because it is a very rare and unusual script which deals with the lives of four women from four different communities from Bhopal. I really read it in one go and immediately said a yes because it’s rare that we come across such kind of stories”said Konkana in an interview.

Konkana who debuted in direction with ‘Death in The Gunj’ was asked about her experience working with Alankirita “I had known Alankrita Shrivastava earlier, as we had many common friends. One day she gave me the script to read and said that she is interested in making this film”.

Konkana sen Sharma who is known to portray variety of characters said, “The character was well delineated. It felt like a real person. There is different kind of situation that this woman is in. Normally it was clear from the kind of scenes she had written what kind of person, story and performance she was expecting.”

From the very beginning Konkana Sen Sharma been selective in terms of films said “I was very happy and relieved thinking that it is a grown up, sensible, mature and realistic in the everyday dealing in between the men and women, which we really don’t see too much in our films .The film which we see in our country are very strict and safe narrative. It’s so rare that you get such compassionate glimpse which is so much genuine and which I think many women and men watching the film will correlate with the reality”.

When asked about the censor board and its system she said,” I think we should all agree that there is no need of censor board. The censor board system is not working properly.”

When asked about the expectations from the audience Konkana said that today’s audience is curious to see these kinds of films. “I won’t say that I am nervous, I am really excited. Even the people out there are curious and want to support, people want to have this conversation”.

The most awaited film Lipstick Under My Burkha directed by Alankrita Shrivastava and produced by Prakash Jha is a mixture of lots of humors ,issues dealt with , joy and camaraderie which is nearing to it releasing date on 21 July 2017.

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