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Imran Khan is talking like illiterate people; H.E. Amjad Khan on Imran Khan’s remark on Bollywood films

Imran Khan is talking like illiterate people; H.E. Amjad Khan on Imran Khan’s remark on Bollywood films
Imran Khan is talking like illiterate people; H.E. Amjad Khan on Imran Khan’s remark on Bollywood films
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Movie producer H. E. Amjad Khan, who has coordinated a film named ‘Gul Makai’ put together a with respect to life of Nobel Peace Prize victor, Malala Yousafzai has hit out at Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan by saying that he is talking like uneducated individuals over his comment that Bollywood films is one of explanations for developing sex wrongdoings in Pakistan. He additionally included that Imran Khan, his legislature and individuals of Pakistan should leave fundamentalist attitude.

H. E. Amjad Khan was connecting with the media to advance ‘Gul Makai’ on Thursday in Mumbai.

In one more diminish charge on India, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has guaranteed that Bollywood motion pictures are one reason behind the ascent in sex wrongdoings in Pakistan.

In a YouTube address, Khan accused the substance from Bollywood and Hollywood for the spurt in sex violations identifying with pedophilia and kid sex entertainment in the nation.

Responding to Imran Khan’s announcement, Khan stated, “I used to be a devotee of Imran Khan when he used to play Cricket for Pakistan yet as a political pioneer, I feel his presentation is downright terrible. He is talking like uneducated individuals. He (Imran Khan) ought to have become a Cricket trainer however I don’t comprehend why he took such a major post (Prime Minister). Individuals of Pakistan have gotten mindful of things in the wake of watching Indian movies like ‘My Name Is Khan’ and ‘Lagaan’.”

As a little youngster, Malala Yousafzai opposed the Taliban in Pakistan and requested that young ladies be permitted to get instruction. She was shot in the head by a Taliban shooter in 2012 however endure. In 2014, she turned into the most youthful individual to get the Nobel Peace Prize.

Khan additionally reprimanded Pakistani government for subsidizing fear based oppressor associations, he stated, “Malala (Yousafzai) had a place with your nation however you (Pakistan Government) gave 200 million dollars to a man like Muhammad Fazlullah (pioneer of activist gathering named Tehreek-e-Taliban) and afterward, he began his radio broadcast and said that ‘young ladies won’t be permitted to go to schools’ and you (Imran Khan) don’t feel embarrassed about that and you continue discussing such things. You haven’t had the option to balance out your nation.”

Khan said that an Indian producer made a film on Malala Yousafai who had a place with Pakistan, he stated, “During Balakot airstrike, our one trooper (Abhinandan Varthaman) arrived on your territory and you tapped on your back by saying said that ‘we are sending Abhinandan to India’ in spite of knowing arrangements of Geneva Convention. From that point onward, your nation’s media announced that you are looking for Nobel Peace Prize for it. I need to reveal to you that we have made a film Malala Yousafzai which is called ‘Gul Makai’. She has won Nobel Peace Prize and she is the harmony envoy of United Nations. She is considered as one of youthful world pioneers yet India has made a film on her life. Along these lines, you shouldn’t chat on superfluous issues. Your nation’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) isn’t in a decent condition and your economy is falling along these lines, you should concentrate on those things.”

Khan additionally scrutinized Pakistan government for abusing their Nobel Prize Winners, he stated, “A young lady (Malala Yousafzai) was hit by a shot on her head and she has been commended by the whole world and she was consulted with Nobel Peace Prize however do you ever feel that you should get back to her in your nation? As of late, she visited her home (in Pakistan) and just two news channels secured that and you (Imran Khan) didn’t met her. I addressed her about it and she disclosed to me that ‘I was unable to get the chance to meet any pastor and I simply did 2-3 meetings and returned’. Anyway, you should think where are you standing and what sort of things you are stating?”

Khan included, “Before Malala, a man like Abdus Salam won the primary Nobel Prize for your nation yet you abuseed him also by saying that ‘you are from Western culture and we won’t let you live in Pakistan’ in this way, you ought to escape fundamentalist mindset. Whole world has advanced a great deal along these lines, please you ought to likewise do that.”

Well known Indian TV kid on-screen character Reem Shaikh makes her film debut, assuming the lead job of Malala in ‘Gul Makai’.

The film likewise includes the late Om Puri (in his last film), Divya Dutta, Atul Kulkarni, Mukesh Rishi and Pankaj Tripathi.

The film discharges on 31st January 2020.

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