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If creativity is being censored, the person doing wrong should be punished too : Aneeta Patel

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Director Aneeta Patel’s latest work was released in You Tube (Themoviekaka) on 26th October, webseries Girl Talk, it had Aarti Khetrapal, Aditi Shetty, Rishina Kandhari, Shruti Srivastav, Shweta Rohira, Harshali Zine and Ira Soni. Aneeta Patel’s earlier short films include She’s D One and Poem Chalo with Sharad Malhotra,The Bar with Sudhanshu Pandey, and The Meeeting with Navdeep Chabbra. 
About Girl Talk, Aneeta says,” The title says it all. Girl Talk is for all the women out there — age is no bar. These girls are independent alpha women of today who are unapologetic. It is also for the guys who are curious to know what goes on behind closed doors. The man always wants their girl to be perfect in every possible way.” 


Aneeta shares she had a wonderful time working with all the female cast,”The Girls were a delight to work with, they were in sync with my vision for Girl Talk which made us all deliver our best. They are pretty but have more to them than just that.” The filmmaker has completed her work in 5 days flat in Mumbai.” Girl Talk has got bold content in line with the need  for the story. 
Speaking about the webspace, as a maker Aneeta says,” It’s a great place for all the creative people. During lockdown look at the way this space has entertained the audience. Now that unlock has happened and theatres will be opening, are we all ready to go to the theatre to watch a movie? I am still doubtful.” What about the censorship of the abusive language and bold scenes which has no boundaries on webspace? “If creativity is being censored then the person who is doing wrong should be punished too. There are more real issues in life which we should address. What about the wrong things which is happening in the real world? Shouldn’t that be fixed as well? Speaking about her inspiration in making films Aneeta says,” As a writer, I know my characters like nobody else, and isn’t that all you need? Words turn into visuals. I have a plan to direct a full-fledged film one day.”

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