I want to cherish these moments for my lifetime which I spent with Anil Kapoor during the promotion of Mubarakan says Arjun Kapoor

On Tuesday, Arjun Kapoor and Anil Kapoor visited the sets of reality show Sa Re Ga Ma Lil Champs in Mumbai.  Arjun and Anil Kapoor share great bond of uncle and nephew since Arjun was a kid and now they first time coming together in a film repeating their real relation onscreen as well. While speaking with the media at the venue Arjun stated that he wants to cherish these moments for his lifetime which he spent with his chachu Anil Kapoor during the promotion of Mubarakan.

When asked Arjun about his excitement and nervousness ahead the release of his film, emotional Arjun said, “I am not nervous and excited at the moment but I am enjoying this phase a lot because I will continue spend my time with him (Anil) all the time but to spend time with you all (media) with him together these moments will remain forever in my memory and I always cherish in my lifetime.  I will have this for posterity as somebody whose grown up in front of him and looked forward to work with him. All these photos and bytes which me and he is giving to you is priceless because this kind of opportunity come to very few people in family to do same profession and work together so for me at a personal level all these moments and bytes, I want to cherish as my fond memories with him”.

Talking about the show Sa Re Ga Ma, Arjun said, “Last time when I came here to promote my film Half Girlfriend, that did well at box-office and now Mom is also a hit (Sridevi is Arjun’s step-mother and Anil’s sister in law) so I feel Kapoor’s should always keep visiting this show to continue family angle.”

When asked him about his singing abilities, Arjun said, “We look good while singing and dancing to the song in the films but in real life I am not a singer”.

Arjun is playing double role in the film, one of them is Sikh sardar Charan, so when asked about his absence, Arjun said, “He (Charan) is so moody in nature. He comes to different places when he feels so today he has sent us to this show. Our film is family film so we decided to promote our film in a family show and I feel if children like you and your film then automatically entire family has to come to theatres and I came here with our youngest family member (Anil) to make some kind of connection with the kids who has participated in this show. Last time, when I came here they (kids) made me emotional so they are genuinely very talented and it feels nice to visit this show because singing of this show is of another level.”

Anil said, “Arjun was praising the show and he just has told me that, you just have to sit and enjoy kids performances and not to make any efforts unlike other show so I am looking forward to this show”.

Talking about the film, Anil jokingly said, “We have taken wedding theme in this film purposely because we want Arjun to get married and now Arjun will have first wedding in our family”.

“Mubarakan is a family film. Arjun, Ileana and Athiya are doing some mad things and confusion in the film so it is going to get appreciated by youth and in that way people also will be able to see me in the movie”.

Mubarakan is directed by Anees Bazmee. It is releasing on 28 July, 2017.

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