“I think Shraddha is one of the finest talents in our country.” said Apoorva Lakhia , haseena parkar’s director

On Tuesday, at the trailer launch of Haseena Parker, director Apoorva Lakhia praised Sharddha Kapoor and said he thinks she is one of the finest talent sin the country at present.

“When I wanted to approach Sharddha for this role, people said she won’t be interested in this role. But I wanted to meet her. The advantage of having her is that I personally think she is one of the finest talents in our country right now. I think she is amazing, when I started working with her I realized how easy it is for someone to become a fan of her. She is really hard working, she gives her best.” He said in a media interaction.

When asked director Apoorva why he chose the story of haseena parkar for this film, he said, “I met Haseena parker the first time to know more about Dawood Ibrahim.She told us about how he was as a kid and how they grew up. When her story unfolded in front of me I told her I wanted to make a film on her instead. At first she was a little skeptical, because she is a very private person. Later on when she agreed I started spending time with her to know more for almost a year and half. When you are making a film on someone whose brother is so well known, it is very important to get the other side of the story from police also. We had to get a full view of the film from all specters.”

The former director of Shootout at Lokhandwala also spoke about Haseen’s character; he said “This is a simple story of a woman who has been through so much in her life. She is such a strong person; her husband was shot 17 times in front of her. She carried him on her shoulder to the hospital. Her elder son and her brother died in front of her. She had 88 cases against her, but without proof, so she only went to the court once. This was an amazing story and I wanted to make a film on it.”

Sharddha Kapoor plays the title role along with her brother Siddhanth Kapoor as Dawood Ibrahim and Ankur Bhatia as Haseena’s husband. The film marks the time in Haseena’s life from 17 to 40 years old.

This film will also mark Shraddha kapoor’s first female protagonist film. She was last seen in Half Girlfriend with Arjun Kapoor.

Haseena Parkar is set to release on August 18th 2017.

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