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I Liked The Concept Of Mukammal Says Bhagyashree

I Liked The Concept Of Mukammal Says Bhagyashree
I Liked The Concept Of Mukammal Says Bhagyashree
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Maine Pyaar Kiya famed actress Bhagyashree is making a comeback and debut with a music video, titled Mukammal says the reason she decided to do the video is because she liked the song and the concept of it.
“Mukammal Na Hui Chahat” featuring Bhagyashree and Santosh Rammeena Mijgar. The song is crooned by Shaurya Mehta and Deepa Udit Narayan.
Talking about her reasons to do the song at the launch Bhagyashree said, “I liked the song and I liked the concept behind it. It is also about first love, my film was about first love and sometimes unrequited love creates memories of everyone’s past and childhood or their youth. So it’s a connectivity that one would have with listeners. Which I found every interesting because nowadays a lot songs are being created but very few songs are like the old classic which has memorable lyrics, composition, rhythm and feel”
“New songs runs for a very little time, they are not memorable. This is one of those songs which you would like to remember, you would like to remember the way it’s sung, or written, and this song talks about everyone’s past love and I thought it would be interesting to be part of this project” added Bhagyashree.
The song is composed by “Dh Hrmony, Srm Alien” and the lyrics of the song are penned by “Rishi Aazad”. The video is directed by Shivaji Lotan Patil.
Further adding, Bhagyashree said, “I thoroughly enjoyed working on the project. The entire team is dedicated and hard working and the final product is really good. The best thing about the single, our singer Shaurya’s talent has been highlighted.”


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