Pratick Chaudharry (9)

I get lot of compliments for my smile : Pratick Chaudharry

Actor Pratick Chaudharry who has been a part of shows like ‘Paramavatar Shri Krishna recently done his new portfolio. He feels looks are important for an actor only if you’re playing that particular character, where the character demands good looks and a good body. He says,”Looks are vital when you are portraying a particular role, I also believe for an actor it is very important to be a good actor first, who is aware about the craft. Other things like looks and body is just a bonus.”

In his new pictures Pratick is definitely looking handsome and fresh. What is the secret? He adds,”To be very honest, I keep myself very positive and happy, I guess this is the first thing every individual should do nowadays. I also diet and regularly workout. I am quite disciplined. So what is your sex appeal? He says,”Maybe my voice. Or maybe my smile. I have dimples so I get a lot of compliments about my smile and my body. And I cherish all the compliments. Speaking about his focus now as an actor Pratick says,”I guess it’s every actor’s dream to do a big banner movie. I also want to be part of films, but, currently, I am focusing more on the web series and television. I want to grow and evolve in my craft first, then step into films.” Partick will be seen in a web series titled Becharey in which he is playing the main lead, Vicky, who is a struggling Bhojpuri actor.”

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