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Ho Ho Ho! Actors share their Christmas wishes and memories!

It’s the season to be jolly as Christmas is here! These celebs tell us what they want from Santa this year!

Manit Jorua: I won’t be going out on Christmas. For me, any kind of celebration starts at my house. I first celebrate it in my house with my parents. As my family is in Delhi, so my second family is my-set people and I think I will be celebrating with my friends on set. I will celebrate it with other actors, director, light dada, cameraman, production people, makeup dada, they all are a very important part of my life. I will cut some cake and take some good sweets for everybody or I may even cook something good and take for them. I celebrate Christmas with my pet too. I remember, in my childhood, my Santa used to be my grandpa because he has a French cut beard. I used to treat him as my Santa and he used to make sure all my wishes come true. He got me my first motorcycle, he got me my first car. This year, I wish my parents a long life. I also wish that I am healthy till my last breath and I want to work till my last breath. I want to live my life respectfully, with full dignity.

Nitin Kumar Gupta: We have always celebrated Christmas at home since I have a massive joint family and two huge Christmas trees. Decorating them and celebrating with Christmas puddings and plum cakes used to be so much fun! I would love a getaway vacation to a sunny Eastern island with my secret Santa!

Rajit Dev: My memories from Christmas is school holidays and playing loads of cricket with my friends. And yes, dancing with my friends with Santa Claus, who used to come to our area. That’s like a procession of kids jumping and dancing with joy. Also, those chocolates which Santa used to distribute. I haven’t eaten that chocolate in a long time. I wish for my Secret Santa this year would be to please end this coronavirus. We are all done with it!

Sharad Malhotra: Christmas was always about Santa Clause and Christmas tree for me. I remember as a child too, I would take part in Christmas tree decoration competitions at school. Me friends and I would make lovely decorations. After this, we would have a class party. It used to be so much fun. If you ask me now, a Covid-free world is all that I want for Christmas.

Adaa Khan: I remember getting amazing gifts from Santa every year and after a few years, I realised that my parents were Santa Claus and I was quite shocked! This year, I wish that everyone stays in good health and that soon we are able to live a life without masks.

Zayn Ibad Khan: I remember, as a child, I would love to go out on Christmas. Everything used to be decorated and there would be someone dressed up like Santa everywhere. It was such a happy and colourful time. This year, I want everyone around me must remain healthy and that we are able to fight this Covid-19 as soon as possible.

Rohit Bhardwaj: As a child, as soon as December would come, I would be excited about Christmas. Firstly, because of the Christmas vacations, then because of Christmas celebrations and gifts. We used to wait for Christmas morning as that is the time, we would be given our gifts. I used to love how we would get whatever we wanted! This year, I want that the world should go back to the way it was, before Covid-19.

Angad Hasija: My Christmas memories include decorating my tree, wearing new clothes, getting gifts and eating cake. We used to love getting ready and running to the Christmas tree to see what gifts Santa has got for us. This year, of course, I want that we must get a vaccine soon for Covid-19.

Ajay Chaudhary: I used to love Christmas as a child, it was one of my favourite holidays. I remember we used to have fun class parties at school where everyone would get yummy food and cake. We would all sit together and eat. It used to be a lot of fun. If you ask me what I want this year, it is for everyone to be healthy and for Covid-19 to go away as quickly as possible.

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