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Here’s how Prateek Rana became a big name on social media!

Prateek Rana
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It is safe to say that Prateek Rana is one of the most loved influencer, Tiktoker and YouTuber today. He says that his love for his craft and never giving up-spirit was what got him through. “Just two words can describe my journey- being consistent. I’ve started from scratch and now I am a pretty-known face in the world of social media. It’s just because I didn’t stop. I started my social media journey after my 12th board exam vacations. That time it was on musically.  I saw so many content creators doing a wonderful job on I took inspiration from so many creators and started making videos,” he says.

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He adds, “There was a feature of called Featured and if the video was amazing, then musically will feature our video in that section. I got so many features there and so people came to know that there’s a guy called Prateek Rana. Due to this, my Instagram following also started growing and from there, I did so many collaborations with other famous influencers and more people got to know about me and I used to post every day on my Instagram and I used to make so many videos daily, I used to make stories on Instagram too and I also started posting on YouTube.”

The actor then moved to Mumbai to enter showbiz. “I was free at my home and I thought of doing something creative. So I chose and started creating videos over there. My videos started going viral and it was an amazing feeling when people like your work and message you. Like any middle-class family, my family wanted to me take up a job. So I completed my BTech and after that, I went to Mumbai to become an actor,” he says.

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 Prateek loves his fans immensely. “It is such an amazing feeling to have a huge fan following. I don’t call my followers my fans, I call them my family because it is because of them that I am here. It feels amazing when people recognise you and click pictures with you,” he says.

Ask him what motivates him, and he says, “I just want to entertain people. If someone smiles looking at my content, I am motivated.”

 Social media gets you a lot of fans but being trolled is also an ugly part of it. Talking about how he deals with it, Prateek says, “Everybody has their own point of view. Someone will like your content and someone will not, we cannot force anyone who doesn’t like your work, to like it. We have no right to hate them just because they hate our content. But yes, trolling someone is really a bad thing, that can spoil anyone’s day. But talking about me, I just ignore them. I do not reply to trolls,” he says.

However, he is so happy that the youth are finding work opportunities on social media. “I am happy that our youth have got the platform to showcase their talent. I don’t compete with anyone, I just do my work. I just track my growth and I will be happy if anyone is doing great and getting fame, they are also doing hard work and they are getting paid by getting famous. I am really happy that our youth is doing so well on social media and I think social media is the future of India and youth is killing it,” he says.

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