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Here are the best Hindi movies from popular genres

Here are the best Hindi movies from popular genres
Here are the best Hindi movies from popular genres
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Watching movies is always a favorite option for entertainment for Indian people. According to the report published by Gadget 360, Indian viewers are now watching online content for eight hours 28 minutes each week, which is more than the time spent on TV. Even nowadays people are watching Hindi Movies on online platforms. 

Here we bring a list of Best Hindi Movies from popular genres. 


If we talk about the action than Tiger Shroff is getting popular for his action scenes. The film I like most about the action category is Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor starer “Baaghi”. Baaghi has a beautiful love story with lots of action sequence, I am sure if have not seen the movie but you must have seen the trailer of the film. You find that not only Tiger Shroff even Shraddha Kapoor is also seen fighting with the villains. This is one of those movies where you get Romance, Action and too with good acting, Storyline, and Direction. 


Someone once said, “Laughter is the best therapy” and I definitely agree with the statement. Life becomes too boring if we don’t have fun moments filled with laughter and sometimes a comedy movie with good comic timing will refresh your mood within seconds. Phir Hera Pheri is one of my favorites in Comedy genres. Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty, and Paresh Rawal have proven that they are the perfect combo for comedy. It’s a story of three people who want to be rich and they all have their own reason for the same. For me, it’s a story of every middle-class person in India and that’s why everyone does relate with the story. Punch lines delivered by all three actors in the film still crack me up and are known by everyone in my circle. No matter how many times you watched this film, still, you can watch this movie as many times you want and it will remain as the classic comedy movie. 

War Movie

It’s very hard to choose one movie from all war movies that we have in Bollywood, almost every movie is based on a real-life story and every movie that you watch will give a goosebumps and patriotism. The story of the film Paltan is based on a true event that happened between India and China at Nathu La Pass – an important corridor between India and Tibet.  The film was shot the real location where this incident happened in 1967 and the star-packed action movie with veteran actors and new faces of the industry. 

Science Fiction 

There are many films which I like to watch from the sci-fi category and Rajnikanth and Aishwarya Rai starer ‘Robot’ is one of the favorites. The film actually shows the future of Robots, the best part of the film is good quality special effects. There are many science fiction movies but sometimes, due to the bad special effect, we can’t get connected with the character. But, in Robot, you can off your eyes for a second from the Chitti ( Robot). Even the Fictional character more strong than the real one. 

I know everyone has their own choice and interest, but these movies are good and can’t regret after watching these movies. All these movies are available on the internet and you can watch online movies anytime.

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