• Actor Harsh Nagar of Love Day Requested PM, Union Cabinet Ministers & Chief Ministers to make it mandatory to play National Anthem before movie screening in theatres.
• Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, Baba Ramdev, Shoojit Sircar, Sushil Kumar, Ram Rahim & many more have supported Harsh Nagar on playing national anthem before movie in theatres.
Harsh Nagar Actor has finally approached Delhi High Court to direct the Central & State Governments to make it mandatory for all theatres to play National Anthem before each show.
Harsh says, “there is complete ambiguity as regards the occasion and the manner and places at which National Anthem shall be played. I have most humbly approached P.M, Union Cabinet Minister for I & B and Chief Minister but received no response from anybody & have finally approached the Hon’ble Delhi High Court to give verdict clarifying the situation and give necessary direction as may be appropriate.”
On 27th Dec 1911, for the first time, a song written by Rabindernath Tagore was sung in the Annual Convention of Indian National Congress in Calcutta, which was accepted as National song on 24th January 1950. The song originally was in Bangla Sanskrit which was translated into hindi by Mr. Abid Ali. 27th September, 2016.
Recently Actor Harsh Nagar wrote a letter to the Honorable Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi and various Cabinet Ministers and Chief Ministers, requesting to play the National Anthem in movie theatres before the movie screening.
Country’s national anthem written by Nobel Laureate and poet, Rabindranath Tagore in December 1911 was meant to inspire a billion strong population in the country. And yet our anthem that gives the message of plurism and unity in diversity continues to be neglected. Citing this neglect, Bollywood has time and again raised the concern and highlighted the need to raise awareness on the anthem – either through its movies or through various initiatives such as playing the anthem in movie theatres.
As a mark of respect to the nation, the practice of playing the national anthem at movie theatres is followed in many countries. In India some decades ago, it was mandatory to sing National Anthem after the screening of movies in cinema halls, however in a rush to leave theatre, spectators did not stand up during the National Anthem and thus it was disrespected. This patriotic ritual faded with time and completely stopped after a while.
Some enthusiasts in Maharashtra took up the matter with the State Government few years ago and hence the directive to play National Anthem in Cinema Halls was first passed by Maharashtra Government in 2002 according to which it was made mandatory to play the National Anthem before every movie screening at all movie theatres across the state.
The decision has been overwhelmingly welcomed by the people of Maharashtra. It aims to promote patriotism among the members of the audience. Most of us may be too busy to think of our country all the time but certainly we should spend few minutes to show respect and support to our country.
It may be shocking to note that the concerned Entertainment Departments have taken some steps against the theatres who were playing National Anthem on the ground that it was without permission as if even to sing National Anthem, one needs anybody’s permission merely because somebody out of the crowd is neither singing nor standing.
Infact the need is not to stop people singing National Anthem but to give a clarity and rather motivate people to sing National Anthem more and more frequently. I am sorry to state that after school, we all forget and hardly get an occasion to get up and sing our National Anthem, with soul and pride except seeing in T.V on 15th August or 26th January.
Megastar Amitabh Bachchan said, “During my school and college days in Delhi, when I used to go to theatres, they used to play the national anthem and people there used to stand up when was it played. I don’t know why it does not happen, but if it happens, then it will be good. Director Shoojit Sircar said, “Whenever I go to a theatre in Mumbai and the national anthem is played… At that moment, I feel proud of myself as an Indian. I tell all my friends from Kolkata and Delhi to watch a film in Mumbai because when the national anthem is played, I can’t tell how energetic I feel. If the national anthem is played in every theatre, then it will be a happy moment for me.”
Harsh Nagar said, “I cannot thank Amitabh Banchchan Ji enough except by touching his feet and having his blessings. Similarly the best way to thank Swami Ramdevji was to spend some time with him in Patanjali, Haridwar. I would also want to thank Mr Shoojit Sarkar, who said that when the national anthem is played in theatres, unke rongte khade ho jate hai and Olympian Sushil Kumar for supporting my cause and initiative. Sushil Ji has made us and India proud.”
“The National Anthem tells us that India is a diverse nation and there are differences in culture, traditions, religion and language but despite these differences it reminds us that India is united. The anthem is significant in uniting people and reminding us that there is no difference between all Indians, added Harsh.”
About Harsh Nagar
Harsh Nagar, the rising talent in the tinsel town is one of the most promising actors in the industry who dreams to make it big in bollywood. He has been groomed by Kishore Namit kapoor, Anupam Kher and Barry Jones and has also pursued an acting course at New York Film Academy. Harsh Nagar has done more than 50 commercials for big brands like Pepsi with Ranbir Kapoor, Snickers with Sonam Kapoor, UB fair with Pulkit Samrat, Close-Up, ICICI Bank, Samsung, Honda and so on. Harsh has also acted as a lead in French Film – The Queen produced by HBO and now plans to set his foot in the bollywood with his upcoming film Love Day which will be released in September. Harsh being a Taekwondo black belt has a flexible body and is also a good dancer. With a well built personality and a beautiful face, Harsh has great acting skills and baritone voice. Apart from this he is a law graduate from the Mumbai University. He also loves to listen to people’s troubles, heart aches and life stories and seldom gives them advice. Harsh Nagar is very hardworking and passionate about acting and aspires to become one of the most successful actors of the B-Town.

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