Harsh Nagar, a rising talent of the tinsel town who filed the petition to make national anthem mandatory before any film’s screening in the theaters has finally won the battle.
Nagar who started the petition by writing series of letters to various government functionaries approached Delhi High court to direct the central and state governments to make it mandatory for all the theatres to play national anthem before each show has finally won as the Supreme Court on Wednesday announced its decision in favor.  The court has set a 10-day deadline for cinema and multiplexes across India to carry out the directive.
“When the national anthem is played it is imperative for everyone to show honor and respect. It would instill a sense of committed patriotism and nationalism,” said the judges.
Some enthusiasts in Maharashtra took up the matter with the State Government few years ago and hence the directive to play National Anthem in Cinema Halls was first passed by Maharashtra Government in 2002 according to which it was made mandatory to play the National Anthem before every movie screening at all movie theatres across the state.
“I am extremely delighted with this Supreme Court’s judgment; I feel all my efforts since 2011 have reaped a reward. There were many hurdles in getting National Anthem to the remaining 85 percent of theatres in India. Some people opposed it for their political agenda, some people opposed it for its execution but all the press conferences in 18 capital cities that I held and various letters to the Chief Ministers of all states and knocking the doors of the High Court have brought in this historical move and I thank the bench of judges of the Supreme Court who saw the righteousness of getting National Anthem back in our lives for making our citizens more proud and patriotic Indians” said Harsh Nagar who has worked in many Bollywood projects besides being a known face of the advertisement industry.

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