Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s record-breaking Cow milk party broke all the rituals of Beer Parties!

Indian spiritual leader, social reformer and versatile actor Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan broke all the records of highlighting the importance of cow, by throwing Cow milk party at the Success Party of Jattu Engineer. No matter whether it is the premiere of Jattu Engineer or Success Party, Dr. MSG left no chance to celebrate his joy with Cow Milk.
As recently he was rewarded by Asia Book of record, for making a world record of 20,000 people having Cow Milk at the same time. Along with that, the leading actor of Jattu Engineer, Dr. Msg, forwarded a massive ‘Signature Campaign’ in which 10 Lakh of people voiced their request to make cow the National Mother of India. The signatures will be forwarded to PM Narendra Modi to grant the same. The signatures will be forwarded to PM Narendra Modi to grant the same.

As per Guruji, firstly he had research on all the religions, and for the same recently he stated, “As per our research, no religion says that eating cow meat is necessary, and as per the conflicts take place regarding the cow killing, we decided to forward this campaign, to make cow national Mother of Nation.”
Well, it is for sure, along with giving blockbuster movies like Jattu Engineer, Guruji is fully charged to take responsibility of promoting social messages too. By throwing Cow Milk Party and Signature Campaign, he is confirming to make Cow the National Mother of our Nation.

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