Got Company on my talent and credit not because of nepotism. Says Vivek Oberoi

Got Company on my talent and credit not because of nepotism. Says Vivek Oberoi

On Friday in a personal interview Vivek Oberoi spoke about how he gained his first film, he said I got company on my talent and credit not because of nepotism.

Vivek Oberoi son of Suresh Oberoi, who belonged to the industry family was asked if he believes in nepotism, he said, “I don’t believe in nepotism I believe in talent. If I give my example, I struggled for a year; I had to wait outside offices for almost 8 hours. I had introduced myself as Vivekanand and didn’t mention my last name Oberoi. I was advised to stop acting and get a job in IT. I struggled and then finally I got Company and I got it on my credit and talent not because of nepotism.”

Vivek Oberoi actor of Inside Edge spoke about his struggle and his father’s advice in the early years, “When I wanted to enter the industry dad said he will launch me. He will produce a special film for me. I had told him then, with all due respect, I don’t want to do that. Thank you but I want to struggle. He advised me not to struggle, he said, ‘it’s very difficult; I didn’t have a god father I struggled, I am here for you now and I will make a film for you’. I told him you are my role model and I will also struggle just like you did.”

Vivek who is known for films like Shootout at Lokhandwala in recent years, now desires to work in a love story, he said, “Your first film is as special as your first love. Company will always be a special film for me. Sathiya has also been very special film to me. All my female fans want me to work in a love story, so I have made up my mind and decided that I have to work in a love story. Just looking for a good script.”

After the success of Inside Edge, Vivek is currently waiting for the release of his Tamil film directed by Siva, titled Vivegam. The actor is playing an international spy in the film.

The film Vivegam will release on 10th August.

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