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Going solo is a choice: Singer Rii

Bollywood singer Rii, who has given some hits like “Phir mulaqaat”, “Judaa”, and “Aaja”, is working as an independent artist. Though she said that she doesn’t have a problem working with labels, she mentioned, “Signing up with a label is a dream for many, but going solo is a choice.”

“Everyone gets to decide what they want to do with their career. Labels have got an organisation, and a way of working, that may not suit some artists. Being independent gives me the choice of what I want to work on and not do anything and everything just to be a part of the music industry,” she added.

Rii also revealed that she is happy working solo because it does not just allow her to explore different things, but she gets a lot of freedom too.

“For me, it’s all about the freedom of deciding what I want to sing and work on. I would rather be by myself than have a label push me to do anything and everything. But if a label is ready to work with me and add to my vision, then I will do it. But, I am happy working the way I am right now,” she said.

However, she accepted that being an independent artist especially during the current pandemic time is difficult, and said, “It’s not easy and I am sure a lot of artists are suffering, but I believe the most important after all is to stay healthy.”

Lastly, she confessed that she wants her songs to make a forever connection with the audience.

“Creating music for me is an art. I believe every word of a song needs to be meaningful. I love deep songs and I love thinking that my song will stay in someone’s heart and mind for a long time,” Rii concluded.

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